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There are a number of membership options for all levels of participants. You can take advantage of a discount if you have more than one family member involved in the club, as well as a reduced rate of membership for students and distant members. If you are an Orkney resident, please get in touch to join!

Membership options or contact us by e-mail Contact us now for further details on any of the membership options.

There is an additional £1 per meeting cost to cover hire of the hall and refreshments.

Standard  – £21

Normal membership entitles you to attend all the meetings throughout the year, enter photographs into all competitions, meet with the judges on the evenings and get feedback on your entries, take part in the battles & exchanges with other clubs, join the discussions on our Facebook page and interaction with other club members on a frequent basis to discuss all things photographic.

Family  – £32

This entitles you to all the benefits of the normal membership but at a cheaper rate for each of the family members that wish to come along. Great for husband wife teams or parents introducing their children to the world of photography (could even be the other way round!)

Students – £10

We know the student budget is tight, that is why we have offered the same great benefits at lower than half the normal price.

Island – £10

If you wan to enjoy all benefits of joining the club but are unable to attend the regular meetings with any frequency Island membership is the option for you. You will have access to the club competitions, feedback on your entries and membership to the club’s Facebook page so that you can join in any discussions on images, technical issues and club matters. All you need is access to the internet and email so your entries can be emailed into the club email address. Open to Orkney residents only.

Great Images from the Northern Isles