Dewar - Year Grown Old

John Dewar

John Dewar is the judge for the isleburgh/OCC here are a few excerpts from his website and some of his beautiful images. You can find more information at:

Life, for me, began looking south over the silvery Tay to the Kingdom of Fife. I still live in Scotland.

It seems to me the perfect picture always hovers just out of reach – look again and there’s always a better picture just waiting to be found. It’s like some sort of gateway drug to the joys of the natural world… a drug to make you keep on looking!

There’s so many talented photographers on here, so thank you for looking at mine.

Oh, and thank you for all the clicks and comments that I’m so hopeless at replying to…

Enjoy your life!


Dewar - Brighter Later
(C) John Dewar 2015 – Brighter Later
Dewar - Exquisite
(C) John Dewar 2015 – Exquisite
Dewar - No Stockings
(C) John Dewar 2015 – No Stockings
Dewar - The Gannet
(C) John Dewar 2015 – The Gannet
Dewar - Year Grown Old
(C) John Dewar 2015 – Year Grown Old

Stoneyhill Laura Drever

Laura Drever

Local artist Laura Drever (married name Leonard) will be providing the judging on the third and final monthly competition on the theme Reflections to take place 4th February 2015.

Laura graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2003 and currently lives and works in Orkney.

Laura Drever is first and foremost a painter of landscape. Laura’s paintings are strongly influenced by Orkney’s unique land and seascapes, and the elemental influence of the seasons.

Here is some of her work and a link to her website.

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(c) Laura Drever – Gloup
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(c) Laura Drever – Hoy
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(c) Laura Drever – Drawing Study IV
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(c) Laura Drever – stonyhill





Pawel Kuzma practrical evening

Pawel Kuzma will be providing a night photography practical session on Wednesday 7th January. Meeting first at the Guide Hall at 8pm. Pleas bring your cameras and your tripods as we will be heading outdoors.

You can find Pawel’s images on facebook:

Below are a selction of the magic images that Pawel has managed to capture around Orkney (all images copyright of Pawel Kuzma).


Gunnie Moberg Exhibition

Online exhibition –  This will be held on the archive website –

man diving into the harbour, his head hits the water and it looks like he is standing on his head

Consider this project an invite from the Gunnie Moberg Archive to create your own images on the theme of ‘Simplicity’.

This theme is evident in Gunnie Moberg’s work, her composition often gave a simple vision of complex subjects. Her aerial photography (from a small islander plane) gave her an angle that created lines on the landscape – almost like drawings – she described some of Orkney’s archaeological sites as looking like ‘jewels’ from the air. Her photographs make good use of shapes and she enjoyed the textures and micro worlds that can be observed on the shoreline. Sometimes her photographs play with a sense of scale – you could be hundreds of feet up or just a few centimetres. Gunnie once said ‘I photograph things I want to look at a little longer’.

You can find out more about Gunnie Moberg on the website  – there you can find biographical details and images.

I have selected some images from Gunnie Moberg’s collection that I feel meet the theme of Simplicity. These are not intended to be reproduced in your work, these are to give you an example of Gunnie’s approach. We are interested in YOUR approach.

Submissions – We will accept up to 3 images from each photographer. These can be colour or black and white. There are no restrictions on subject or approach. For the website we will need to adjust the size of the images but I can do this – just email your image to me using.

Deadline – Please submit your photographs by the 9th October. The exhibition will go on line in October.

In this black and white aerial ophotograph, a huge stone X sits like a kiss at the end of a love letter on the rough moorland.

all images credited to Gunnie Moberg

OCC at the OISF

exhibition 2
exhibition 2



Orkney Camera Club members were invited to submit images on the theme of ‘Orkney History’ for the annual Orkney International Science Festival.

Science Festival Director, Howie Firth sent his ‘thanks to the club for the exhibition on Orkney’s History in the Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall. It attracted much positive comment from visitors to the Centre and the Festival.’

Change of venue

Hello all

Little House in Evie
Little House in Evie

The venue for the meeting with Ingrid Budge on Wednesday 17th September at 8pm has changed. For one week only we will be meeting in the Scout Hall on Junction Road.

New Light Through the Pinhole

Justin Quinell one of the world’s experts in pinhole photography, with a wealth of amazing images and dazzling demonstrations showing what can be done with the simplest materials – from an empty drinks can to a wheelie bin, from creating new artworks to taking pictures of the sun. Sponsored by the IET and the Institute of Physics in Scotland.

September 10, 2014 10:00 am
September 10, 2014 11:00 am
£4 & £2
Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall
St Paul's learning centre
St Paul’s learning centre
Rabbit Ears
Rabbit Ears


2014 British Wildlife Photography Award Winners

We all love to look at stunning images. Here are a few from this years British Wildlife Photography awards…

Botanical Britain category winner: 'Green and Red Telephone Box', covered in ivy taken in London by Philip Braude.

Botanical Britain category winner: ‘Green and Red Telephone Box’, covered in ivy taken in London by Philip Braude. Photograph: Philip Braude/BWPA

Hidden Britain category, window gnat taken in County Antrim by Susie Hewitt

Hidden Britain category winner: Susie Hewitt’s ‘Window Gnat’ taken in County Antrim. Photograph: Susie Hewitt/BWPA

Wild Woods winner Peter Cairns,

Wild Woods winner: Peter Cairns’ ‘Autumn Jewels’, Woodland, Cairngorms, Scotland. Photograph: Peter Cairns/BWPA/Northshots

WildPix Young People's Award 12-18s winner Joshua Burch On the Prowl, Fox, South London, England (16yrs).

WildPix Young People’s award (12-18) winner: 16-year-old Joshua Burch’s ‘On the Prowl’, fox, south London, England. Photograph: Joshua Burch/BWPA

For more click on the link – 2014 British Wildlife Photography awards

Scottish Nature Photography Awards

Scottish Nature Photography Awards 2014

Donald Cameron – The Boy. Rattray Head, Aberdeenshire
Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2013

The 2014 Photographic Competition opens on Wednesday 10th September 2014 and closes on Sunday 30th November 2014.
This will be the 5th competition and each year we look forward to seeing the creativity and originality of the new entries. So if you’ve never entered before, why not give it a go? If you’re a seasoned competitor, then I hope you’ll let the judges see the best of your exciting new work! The categories will be:

Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2014

Scottish Wildlife Portrait
Scottish Wildlife Behaviour
Scottish Landscape – Sea & Coast
Scottish Landscape – The Land
Scottish Landscape – Urban Greenspace
Scottish Botanical
Natural Abstract

Junior Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2014 Up to 5 images on any Scottish nature subject

Student Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2014 Portfolio of 3 images on the theme of “Natural Drama”

Full details will be on the website for the launch of the competition on the 10th September 2014 and there will be “early bird” offers on entry fees until 1st October 2014.

Great Images from the Northern Isles